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U-NAS OS V2.0 Software Personal/Home License

U-NAS OS V2.0 Software Personal/Home License

Features Rich NAS System

U-NAS offers advanced features such as: Web OS UI, one-Step setup, LVM+RAID 0/1/5/6/10+DISKs, Disk Quota, Automatic mounting NTFS/FAT/XFS/EXT3/EXT4 disks, DFS, S.M.A.R.T, Disk Spin down, network trashbox, DDNS, LDAP, Windows AD, Network bonding (7 modes), WOL, IP-SAN, rSync, Time Machine, Unlimited Video Camera s(IP/USB), Web Server , Email Server with management platform, System Log, Virtualization, and many more.

One-Step Setup

Just click the mouse once and you are done with the configuration of U-NAS. This function significantly simplifies the operation for entry-level U-NAS users.


U-NAS adopts a powerful LVM+RAID+JBOD system architecture for better data management. It supports multiple volume groups/volumes and can mix different RAIDs into a single transparent storage space to the users. U-NAS provides the max flexibility of management for enterprise users.

Disk Scan

U-NAS support SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) to detect errors of hard drives.


U-NAS supports Email and voice notification to report system warnings.

Network Trash box

U-NAS supports network trash box. When it is enabled, users can restore the deleted files from the trash box.

Windows AD

U-NAS can use Windows AD for authentication. Users can import the Windows AD accounts into the U-NAS system.

Remote Wakeup (WOL)

U-NAS supports Wake on LAN

Hard Drive Spin down

U-NAS can put hard drive into spin down mode when there is read/write operation to save the power consumption.

Quiet Fan

U-NAS is equipped with a 12cm low RPM low noise fan.

System Log

U-NAS supports system log. Administrator can review the log.

System Information

Shows the details of the U-NAS system configuration, hardware information and current running information

SSH Access

Users can use SSH to access U-NAS for low-level management.

Dual Gigabit and network bonding

U-NAS supports multiple network bonding. U-NAS supports 7 network bonding modes.


U-NAS supports RAID 0/1/5/5+spare/6/10. U-NAS supports RAID migration and expansion.

Unique Disk/LVM management

U-NAS adopts a very powerful enterprise level disk management scheme. U-NAS supports LVM+RAID+Disks. U-NAS supports multiple Logic Volume Groups and multiple Logic Volumes. Different types of RAIDs and hard drives can be integrated into a single transparent expandable storage space.


U-NAS supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for authentication.

Multi Languages

U-NAS support English and Chinese.


U-NAS supports Network time protocol for time configuration.

Restore default system

U-NAS supports restore factory default configuration. Users can reset the system using this function when the system is messed up.

Online record

U-NAS can display current online uses and the objects that the users are working on.


U-NAS supports disk quota. System administrator can determine disk quota for each every user or group.

Auto mount disks

U-NAS support Automatic disk mounting. U-NAS can automatically mount NTFS/FAT/EXT3/EXT4/XFS disks with multiple partitions. Automatically mounted disks will be shared automatically.

External Disks and ISO image file

U-NAS can mount an external USB drive or an ISO file and then share the files.


U-NAS supports iSCSI and can work as IP-SAN. Using the LVM system architecture, U-NAS does not have the LUN limit. That means users can mount unlimited iSCSI partitions to the system.

AFP/Bonjour /uPnP

U-NAS supports the Apple AFP/Bonjour/uPnP services.


U-NAS supports Dynamic DNS


Using the VPN Server on U-NAS, users can connect to the U-NAS from anywhere and access the files.


U-NAS support file share through Samba/CIFS, NFS and AFP.


U-NAS support Distributed File System. Users can organize many distributed SMB file shares on a single U-NAS system. This feature provides location transparency and redundancy to improve data availability. It provides multiple different locations to be logically grouped under one folder.

Printer Server

U-NAS support USB printer and can work as a printer server to share the USB printer.

Surveillance Video

U-NAS supports USB and IP cameras. U-NAS support unlimited USB and/or IP cameras.

Time Machine and rSync

U-NAS support rSync and TimeMachine for backup services.

Backup system and system configuration

Users can backup U-NAS System as system image or just backup the configurations of the system.

And many more...

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